22 Aug

Mega Experience is a finalist for the 2016 Peterborough Business Excellence Awards

 PTBO Chamber

Mega Experience is one of three finalists for the 2016 Peterborough Business Excellence Awards in the Marketing and Promotion category. The award, which is offered by the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, recognizes an in-house designer, or a Marketing, Design or Communications Company who has created a multi-media, marketing, or design campaign that has been outstanding, innovative and noticeable, raising awareness and increasing business for its client, or itself and has community involvement.

With almost 2 years of operations in Canada, Mega is competing for the coordination of the communications campaign for the second edition of Peterborough Fashion Week, a charity fashion event that took place from November 15-21, 2015.

Peterborough Fashion Week is a celebration of Peterborough’s fashion scene, talent and it’s impact on the diversity, culture and economic development of our community. All proceeds from the events are in support of Five Counties Children’s Centre.

The theme “Fashion Week Lands in Peterborough”, produced by Christina Abbott, Peter Gray and Peter Nguyen, took place at the Peterborough Airport.  Mega designed the marketing concept, including posters, radio and TV ads, social media campaign and the official website www.ptbofashionweek.ca

“We’re proud to be a Marketing & Promotion finalist in recognition of the beautiful campaign our team created, while supporting the Peterborough community”, says Catia Skinner, Director of Strategic Planning of Mega Experience. “Peterborough Fashion Week is an amazing charitable initiative, and it is not just about the fashion events. It is about the Peterborough community working together towards a goal of helping the children of Five Counties Children’s Centre,” says Catia.

Catia Skinner is also a finalist for the Peterborough Business Excellence Awards in the “Newcomer Entrepreneur of the year ” category. Brazilian and living in Canada for 8 years now, she was nominated for the award for her excellence in business leadership and entrepreneurship, community involvement and for overcoming cultural and language barriers.

To see the Fashion Week Lands in Peterborough campaign, click here.