23 Apr

There’s something wrong!


Today I’ll start by getting something off my chest! On Sunday I went to the store to by Easter eggs. Among several options, even thousands actually, I chose five eggs from the same brand. While I was walking through that amazing aisle filled with delicious calories, a sales promoter approached me and said: ‘You can show the eggs and get a teddy bear’. Startled, as I had not seen any advertisement on the promotion, I asked: ‘What should I do?’ – a quick dialog ensued.
She, very politely, replied: ‘I don’t really know, but I think if you buy four of these eggs, you are entitled to a teddy bear. The sales promoter for this brand is not here today.’
Then, at that moment, I noticed she was the sales promoter for another brand and was just trying to help me.

I thanked her and proceeded to pay for the Easter eggs. At the checkout, while paying for the groceries, I asked about the promotion and much to my surprise, the cashier didn’t know anything about it. She called her helper and he didn’t know about it either. Because my son was with me, I thought of going to the Customer Support Center and ask about the promotion, but much to my advertiser’s despair, they, too, didn’t know anything about it and asked me to come back the following day to speak directly to the sales promoter of that particular brand.

Well! I left the store disappointed. First as a consumer, who was alerted about the promotion, but was not able to have something I was entitled to get. On top of that, I was outraged as an advertising professional who develops promotional actions every day. How is it that a major brand known worldwide cannot communicate correctly with the consumer at purchase? (Research shows that impulse purchase can increase sales in between 30%-50% and the decision happens at the point of sale). How is it that they create a promotion, invest in giveaways and do not prepare and inform the staff of the store to receive the information correctly?

Anyway, something must be wrong!
Sales promotions aim to INCREASE SALES. With this in mind, brands win consumers every day through several goals, such as: Develop an additional income or increase market share, as well as increase market participation; create a positive experience with the product and increase product or brand value.
In order to do that, a few rules have to be followed:

– Create advertising materials for the POS;
– Evaluate the need to use mass media;
– Prepare training material for the sale success rate team;
– Train the team;
– Inform all the employees who work at the place about the promotion;
– Deliver giveaways and give them out correctly;
– Always have the product in the point of sale and in the right amount for sale;
– Find out the sale success rate of communication materials and products; and finally,
– Generate a report to make up the numbers for analysis.

Without the least bit of planning, consumers will not know about the campaign, and if they do, they’ll get disappointed. Besides, the brand will spend money and won’t have the expected return from the action.
Think about it!