05 Nov

Window dressing: Reinventing the Wheel

Every year we have the same special dates such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day, Closeouts, Christmas, among many others, and the challenge for marketing agencies is always the same: innovate by bringing something new within the same theme.
Store windows and promotional actions of the POS are the retailers’ biggest challenges. After all, it is necessary to reinvent in order to draw the attention of those passing by. It is also necessary to make a difference amidst so many offers, while creating a chance for customers to empty their wallets and be completely satisfied for having purchased something they really wanted.
Retail knows how important it is to convey the experience to customers so that they are impressed by the excitement and willing to open their wallets – that’s why the current challenge of the creative team is to innovate. For that, there are a few tips shared by experts on window dressing and creative professionals that help to reinvent the wheel:

– Tell a different story from what is commonly practiced: People want contextualization. Remember to make a new reading of traditional themes.
– Innovate: Search for new technologies, lighting, materials and textures.
– Colors and shapes: 20% of people are attracted by colors. Use trendy colors and make your store window even more beautiful.
– Lighting: apart from attracting the audience, you can also focus the spotlight where it matters the most.
– Sustainability: use of recycled materials is still strong.
– Less is more: keep the look clean. There’s no point in having the store window full of stuff. Focus, always!
**Remember that a well-set store window is responsible for 50% to 75% of sales.