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Friendly Letter project

Internal marketing

Have you ever thought about what is done with the millions of envelopes that circulate around a big company every day? They are thrown away, aren’t they?
Schulz, the company that is a national leader in the production of air compressors and auto components, decided to give a new destination to the material and joined the Carta Amiga [Friendly Letter] project, created by the Brazilian Museum of Values. Now, all the envelopes and stamps that circulate around the company are turned into donations to the Bethesda Hospital in the city of Pirabeiraba.
In order to put the project into practice, Mega Experience Marketing developed a fun, promotional action with the aim to get the support of associates and partners. People dressed as mailmen went around the company’s departments while giving out sealed letters with information on the project and how to get involved.
Apart from this promotional action, the agency advertised it in other materials.

Posted by: Mega Experiência