Mega uses brand experience to create and bring on remarkable experiences among brands and consumers. The agency relies on the work of highly skilled professionals and has a smart facility that makes room for innovation, flexibility and readiness while always being aligned to clients’ goals, in order to be more creative and offbeat at nationwide and international activities.

What’s your business?

Mega knows how to produce results.


Your agency needs to have a grasp of its business practices, and also speed up and understand requested needs in order to build a solid, strong and respected brand. Mega has the complete solution for that, with highly skilled professionals who work from planning through to the delivery of the material.
For that, Mega’s approach encompasses the building and strengthening of the brand together with its several audiences, as well as the closeness and engagement of associates while encouraging the sales team, the sale success rate of products at the POS, displays at events, among other activities.

  • B2B Communication
  • Corporate Communication
  • Endomarketing
  • Social-environmental Awareness
  • Motivation, training and encouragement
  • Events and trade fairs
  • Planejamento de comunicação
  • Communication Planning
  • Incentive campaigns – SISO
  • Relationship Campaigns


Fast and flexible organization adjusted to the frantic busy retail day-to-day. Planning is connected to information, promotional and competitive dates. Everything this market needs as an integrated whole in order to reduce budget, time and effort.

  • Mass, segmented and alternative advertising
  • Sale success rate at the point of sale
  • Sales promotion
  • Promotional actions
  • Events
  • Window dressing
  • Incentive campaign
  • Training
  • Integrated and offline actions
  • Activation of clients
  • CRM
  • Communication planning, among others

The 1st brand experience marketing agency to offer full-service communication.

  • Mega PR Management

    • Internal editorials
    • Content development for social networks
    • Content development
    • Ad-lib advertising
    • Advertising and production of agendas
    • Coverage of events
    • Digital clipping
    • Publication dissemination
  • Mega Digital

    • Online planning
    • Apps
    • Websites, microsites and blogs
    • Content development
    • Digital Activation
    • Entertainment
    • Incentive campaign
    • Interactivity
    • Virtual presentations
  • Mega Endomarketing

    • Campaign Planning
    • Training
    • Internal and Corporate Events
    • Releases
    • Visual Identity
    • Videos
    • Presentations
    • Motivational, informative and educational campaigns
    • Internal Communication (newspaper, walls and communication in general)
    • Change of culture
  • Mega Promo

    • Planning, execution and coordination
    • Promotional actions
    • Events
    • Trade fairs
    • Releases
    • Materials activation at the POS
    • Merchandising
    • Sampling
    • Tasting sessions
  • Mega Design

    • Deconstruction of brand DNA
    • Branding
    • Packaging
    • Corporate identity
    • Graphic materials
    • Special projects
  • Mega Relationship

    • Planning, research and analysis of data
    • Relationship clubs
    • Incentive campaigns
    • Audience loyalty
    • Awards
    • Direct mailing
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Unique and Interactive Actions
  • Mega Advertising

    • Integrated communication planning
    • Media Plan
    • Mass, segmented and alternative media


Mega has a 200 ft2 facility that gathers a lot of creativity and where every corner builds successful brands with creative and innovative ideas.
All that baggage was exported to an office operating in Canada that shows the same talent as its Brazilian counterpart.