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Electrical Power

Internal marketing

Tupy is one of the companies from the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, selected by Celesc (Power Plants from the state of Santa Catarina) to participate in the Indústria + Eficiente [More Efficient Industry] project. Apart from implementing actions to avoid the waste of electrical power in the production line, the company also encourages the practice of responsible consumption in the homes of its employees.
In order to put the project into practice, Mega Experience Marketing developed an internal marketing campaign with the aim to spark behavior changes in the company’s more than 10 thousand employees, and get all the company’s audiences involved.
Several awareness materials with tips on how to save energy in day-to-day life, as well as a cultural campaign for employees’ children were developed.
The “Poupe Luz e Esbanje Criatividade” [Save Energy and Splurge on Creativity] campaign encouraged children to make drawings under the “save energy” theme. The best drawings received awards. Parents also participated in raffles of kits containing energy saving bulbs.

Posted by: Mega Experiência